featuredIssue 24 • May 2014

VooDoo Flossing

We all know what to do for general aches from training, right? A little ice maybe a hot bath with some Epsom Salt. What if there was a way to get similar relief and over time actually alter and enhance your movement efficiency? We’ve all rolled around on a foam …

Issue 24 • May 2014

Why I Ride

In April 2010 I decided I needed to improve my health. I pumped up the tires on my recently purchased mountain cruiser and pedaled off. After riding one mile I was exhausted. Over the next few weeks and working up to eight miles, I saw a sign for Tour de …

featuredIssue 24 • May 2014

DIY Sporty Tank

1. First cut the neck out of t-shirt following the front neckline (this will make it a little deeper in the back) then cut the bottom seam and the sleeves off. Start about two inches in from each sleeve and make a rounded cut to the shoulder seam.2. Fold the …

Issue 24 • May 2014Local Inspiration

How One Woman Uses Her Story, Her Voice and Her Health

Moms are good story tellers. They stitch narratives in the fabric of our lives starting with a sharp-toothed, hairy grandmother, a red cape and maybe even a burning bush. Melinda Henry is a mom who understands the power of a story that bubbles with trouble. For her, stories are brilliant …

904's FittestIssue 24 • May 2014

904’s Fittest: Jennifer Hauser

Name: Jennifer Hauser Age: 40 Height: 5’2” Weight: 128 lbs Results from CrossFit OPEN 2014 Masters Division – Southeast Region: 5th place Masters Division – Worldwide: 49th place Qualified for next level of Masters on April 17th-21st Personal Records Snatch: 135# Clean and Jerk: 160# Clean: 180# Overhead squat: 170# …

Issue 24 • May 2014

Women & Weights

Women have come lightyears in all areas of fitness. We aren’t just spectators, we are participants. Despite valuable information at our disposal, many of us hold to the unfeminine imagery attached to weight lifting – hulking muscle. When it comes to the weightroom, trainers are still combating the stigma of …

Issue 24 • May 2014

The Buzz Around Vitamin D

Our bodies need Vitamin D. This vital nutrient has created quite a buzz within the medical world, with researchers actively studying its importance and the correlative weight, if any, it plays in disease states. It has long played a role in bone health with helping in the absorption of calcium …

Issue 24 • May 2014Shoulders

Summer Shoulders

I am a woman, a runner, a nurse, a personal trainer, a dog lover, and a stair mill junky. I have legs. All of my fit friends have knock out legs. As women, we tend to focus on our lower half by default and therefore become unbalanced. It shows in …

Issue 24 • May 2014Recipes

“D”-vine Orange Chipotle Cod

Ingredients Orange Chipotle Sauce Chipotle in Adobo: 1 chipotle pepper, de-seeded and chopped plus 1 Tablespoon sauce 1 cup vitamin D fortified orange juice 1/4 cup vitamin D fortified plain non-fat yogurt Fish 2 large eggs 2 cups vitamin D rich (25% DV) bran flakes cereal 4 6-ounce Atlantic Cod …

Corporate WellnessIssue 24 • May 2014

It’s About Progress Not Perfection

Experienced athletes know to warm up and stretch prior to starting their daily workout. Unison Industries also understands the value of stretching before employees start a shift that requires fine motor skills. That’s why they conduct stretch classes specifically designed for production workers who use the same muscles throughout the …